The Canadian Literacy Thesaurus/Thésaurus canadien d'alphabétisation is a bilingual list of standardized vocabulary in the area of adult literacy. Developed in consultation with the Canadian literacy community, both the terminology and structure of the Thesaurus reflect the diversity of regional literacy practices and activities across Canada.

The last ten years have seen a tremendous surge in the production of literacy resources across Canada. As these materials find their way into programs and resource centres, it becomes necessary to organize them in a useful way. The Thesaurus can be used to index documents, whether they are print, audiovisual, or electronic. It can also be used to organize reading lists and bibliographies. People can consult the Thesaurus when searching in existing databases such as library catalogues. Finally, the Thesaurus will be helpful to people who wish to familiarize themselves with terminology or emerging concepts in the Canadian literacy field.

The Thesaurus is generously funded by the Office of Literacy and Essential Skills, Human Resources and Social Development Canada.

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